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Swatch (stylized as swatch) is a Swiss watchmaker founded in 1983 by Ernst Thomke, Elmar Mock, and Jacques Müller, and a flagship subsidiary of The Swatch Group. The Swatch product line was developed as a response to the "quartz crisis" of the 1970s and 1980s, in which Asian-made digital watches were competing against traditional European-made mechanical watches.

An angry customer shared his experience, "My brand new Omega watch stopped working. I called the Swatch Group US customer service and was told the battery replacement cost about $60. The SGUS received my watch on 9/5/2019, later sent me an email that ”the battery has leaked and caused damage to the movement”. The total cost was $575. Based on the movement damage, I approved the service on 9/16. On 10/ 21, I logged in their website and was surprised that three parts were listed and the cost became $1,144. I immediately called them I had to reject the service and asked to return my watch. She said they could remove the three parts from the list, keep the cost of $575 and let my watch work well. In November, they listed the other two parts without informing me. On 12/4, I called them. Jena, the representative, said they couldn’t stop service and it would finish on 12/20 because of waiting parts. If I reject service, I should pay a partial service fee, but I couldn’t get any warranty and my watch couldn’t work. I rejected it and asked her how much I should pay. But no one told me that until I received the invoice. They charged me $575, not partially. I dispute the service and bill according to the following: 1. They don’t replace the movement for my watch. Because they removed the two exactly same movements and the quartz from the list after my calling. 2. They don’t replace the other two parts. They removed them from the list after my calling. 3. My brand new watch is working. But their invoice marks ”the battery has leaked and caused damage to the movement”. 4. If the maintenance fee includes the movement replacement, why they listed those parts separately and would charge me two times? I think what they did was only replacing the battery. What I should pay the Swatch Group US is the cost of battery replacement and shipment, about $95.00.


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Horlogere Qualifié en complications (Former Employee) says

"Nous sommes un numéro, l’esprit humain n’existe pas.AucunPas de respect"

Watch specialist and customer consultant (Former Employee) says

"Do not apply for the job here.They made it seem as though the job is priceless. The manager verbally abuses employees. No support whatsoever. And upper management did not help and siding with managersVacations paidNo sick paid."

Manager (Former Employee) says

"Not an enjoyable place to work. They do not give you anything to succeed plus very boring overall. Not a place I recommend to work at. No customers interested in watches anyway."

comunicazione (Former Employee) says

"non lo consiglierei a nessuno. La famiglia Hayek non permette di lavorare e disturgge le marche. E' tutto politico"

Key Holder (Former Employee) says

"I worked as a key holder. The culture is catty and everyone has their own little group despite a small team. Managers didn't provide any feedback and lack lunchbad management"

Account Manager (Current Employee) says

"This company is the poster of mismanagement. People gets promoted there because of " who they know", rather than the quality of work the employee has proven in producing. HR Dept is just a FACADE. A self grandiose manager that should be in Hollywood because she is as fake as they come. Do yourself a favor and specially do it for the well being of your mental health. This place is a black hole, you will get lostNoneRead Post"

Supervisor (Current Employee) says

"Managers imply to workers to rely their responsibilities to others, new hires does not have expeeience but there are managers friends who get higher salaries than the others who hace to teach and train others; HR department does not help employees to achieve their goals.Benefits as 401K, health insurance, vacationsPour management, derty and hot work enviroment, lacking of opportunities."

sales (Former Employee) says

"Very lazy & rude management ! All they do is gossip, talk on they phones and be lazy all shift They expect too much while theyre not doing nothing to motivate anyoneNoneAll"

Key Holder (Former Employee) says

"-co-workers were lazy-management is terrible-typical day is standing waiting for customers to come in the store"

Verkäuferin (Former Employee) says

"Lavorare per questo marchio in questo shop ti impone di rinunciare ai tuoi valori morali. Cercano automi che possono dire sempre e solo di sì con manager con chiaro problemi di gestione del personale e che per di più non ha mai svolto test per management.Purtroppo la struttura interna non è professionale ,in questo shop la vita diventa difficile e problematica,un team pieno di tensione portato quasi ad accusarsi l’un l’altro per non perdere il lavoro.Aber la cosa più agghiacciante è che purtroppo qualcuno permette che questo accada. Non esiste professionalità"

Venditore (Former Employee) says

"Ambiente molto difficile dove riuscire a fare carriera è quasi impossibile . Ragazzi molto competitivi per riuscire a garantirsi una sicurezza lavorativa, precarietà nella struttura interna dove il ricambio del personale è sempre in agguato perdendo di vista umanità e talento di validi collaboratori Poca libertà d’espressione e di azione dovuta a un manager che abusa del ruolo Scaricando doveri responsabilità e mansioni al resto dei collaboratori. Sconsiglia"

Sales Ambassador (Former Employee) says

"Not team focused, poor management, poor interest on personal development and professional growth. Attitude at the work place unbearable, poor stock control and lack of resilience from managers and brand directors.Good teamHours, manager, pressure, despotism"

Sales Associate (Former Employee) says

"You can do better. I worked there for close to 5 years and it didn't amount to anything. While a lot of the people I have worked with turned out to be great the overall job experience was horrible. Year after year management became considerably worse with the pinnacle of horrible management stepping in this last year. The only way you can grow with this company is to sell yourself out. They dangle promotions over peoples heads like carrots. It's terrible. Please keep in mind that I am speaking specifically about the Times Sq. location.Worked with great associatesPretty much everything else."

Watch Technician (Former Employee) says

"2 years of harassment by u happy coworkers who have been written up many times , and a person like me happy to go to work share my evenings with coworkers never once written up in 2 years and complained to management about being harassed until they shut me up and shut me out .."

Operaia (Former Employee) says

"Ambiente stressante, fanno mobbing. Obbligo carpooling."

Key Holder Manager (Former Employee) says

"I guess gossiping is part of the training at Swatch cause most of what was told to me during my time there had to do with how bad other team members were. Got yelled at for having my phone out in front of a customer who was being helped by someone else, but yet it was ok for others to do it, even the store manager who did so multiple times. And that was just within the first couple days of me working there. This place will make you feel like you’re back in high school or junior high."

Store Manager (Current Employee) says

"Company is suffering, due to the volatility of retail and specifically, more and more consumers switching to smartwatches (apple watch). There is no accountability or owness that is taken from corporate, Switzerland, and incompetent head of retail. Blame is placed on the teams. It's torture to hear this everyday and every impromptu conference call. We're thinking short term and swatch will be its own demise within the next 2-3 years, and no one to blame but the "executives" who didn't continue to push for innovation, invest towards stronger marketing, and overall outdated store layouts. Continue to place blame Swatch. If you believe you will fire or push strong employees out of the company because they're the reason, and you'll get stronger're misguided.discountblithely unaware and delusional Head of retail and Brand Manager"

addetta alle pulizie (Former Employee) says

"Scarsa attenzione alla persona, o meglio, se non rientri nelle grazie di un superiore, non fai carriera, le tue idee non vengono nemmeno tenute in considerazione, in particolar modo quelle proposte di migliorare per tutti l ambiente di lavoro, è cosa impossibile. Ogni proposta innocativa è come una sfida continua a dimostrare che sei meglio degli altri. L espressione della propria individualità, non è per tutti, anzi se non ti adegui al sistema, sei costantemente stallkerizzato in tutti i modi; l essere bravo sul lavoro non è sinonimo di rispetto e giusta considerazione.PagaIpocrisia."

operaio specializzato (Former Employee) says

"Non puoi alzarti per andare in bagno se non hai il permesso del capo linea, devi alzare la mano e chiedere... se parcheggi sulle linee bianche(parcheggio aziendale) ti fanno 40 chf di multa, ed è obbligatorio il carpooling altrimenti non entri nel parcheggio aziendale ed è assenza ingiustificata, un pessimo ambiente...auguri a chi si ritrova lì a lavoraresalariotutto"

Head of Construction (Former Employee) says

"Demanding and challenging environment promoting the best performance and insisting on results. Management insists on nothing but the best performance.Only highest quality employees make the gradecomplex process"

Dr david Howell says

"The 2nd hand has just fallen off my Swatch. They are guaranteed for 2 years. My watch was only THREE years old. A big waste of money. Swatch watches cannot be repaired. I will never, ever buy another Swatch Watch. [some companies reply to these reviews, Swatch don’t seem to care]"

Anastasia Voronova says

"TERRIBLE SERVICE !!! I really love Swatch products, I had several watches of this brand and I was thinking about a new purchase, but my last experience was just horrible. My boyfriend and I came to New York for a few days, hoping for a pleasant pastime, but to our regret, we ended up at Swatch at Times Square, 1535, Broadway. He needed to change the belt on his watch. The watch is old, almost 25 years old, in very good condition, never broken BEFORE we decided to change the belt at the store in Times Square! During the replacement, the watch case was broken in two places, the belt itself was defective. The store employee did not say anything about the breakdown. In a hurry, she put the watch on my boyfriend's hand and also quickly said goodbye to us, although before that she was very nice and friendly. We noticed a breakdown an hour later. We came to the store again, but the only thing that was offered to us was to give money for the belt, and the employee who broke the watch did not even come to us to apologize! We were also told that replacing the strap with a leather one is not recommended for watches of this age, as there is a risk of damaging the watch during replacement. But they told us about it AFTER they broke it. You can't break someone's thing and just say “Oops”. The employee hid the damage, and she also sold us a defective belt. I can't believe a brand of such caliber can treat its customers like this. I don't know how valuable this watch, which was purchased 25 years ago, but the memorable value is undeniable. Very offensive and unpleasant experience. Our trip is ruined, as is our attitude to the brand."

Aasemoon says

"It pains me to leave a negative review for a watch brand that I've been such a big fan of forever. Swatch watches are still among the best you can get. However, I'm sorry to say, the customer support seems to be ridiculously incompetent. There seems to be misinformation / misadvertisement on their official website, and when I contacted them in that regard, they chose to ignore the issue. Such disappointment."

Tan says

"I have been a loyal customer for Swatch for over 20 years until having to use their e-commerce store due to covid lock down. The product information is inconsistent as one keeps discovering watches in different sections that are not tagged to full women or mens range. Search filter options are poor. There are hardly any photos of the watch being worn so its hard to tell how it looks once worn. After sales is even worse. The postage cardboard box used for packaging is impossible to fit the watch box back into. There is no returns label given and Swatch does not mention anywhere that returns postage has to be paid by the buyer. They are arrogant enough to request the buyer to use special delivery for returns in the delivery note. This is a brand that does not place any importance on the customer experience and is totally self driven. After two decades of buying swatches I will not ever be buying one again given my perception of this brand."

Knex says

"A few weeks ago, I purchased three watches, plus accessories, from their website. The site said I should receive my items within 5-6 business days. Ten days later, I had received ZERO notifications from them and had no idea where my order stood. So I emailed them. Several times. OVER SEVERAL DAYS. It's been over two weeks, and I had not heard ANYTHING back from them, and still had not received any part of my order. I finally got a live person on the phone who first tells me they have no idea why my order hadn't been processed because everything was in stock. Ten minutes later, he reverses his story and tells me that one item was sold out and HE THINKS THAT MAYBE that's why my order hadn't shipped. No one bothered notifying me that something was sold out before. Heck, their own customer service rep didn't even see it for ten minutes. What kind of circus are they running there? They have no idea what's going on. And after I told them to cancel my order, they sent me verification an hour later telling me it's been done but the payment is still showing up in PayPal. Truly terrible customer service. Save yourself a lot of grief and avoid these clowns completely. I don't know how they've lasted so long with this kind of service and business behavior."

Max Mendez says

"Product: Swatch Golden Tac Ladies Watch Do not buy this watch. Aesthetically, it's a nice watch. The inside of the strap has ridges to help keep the loop in place, but I can see build up all over - possibly dried dead skin cells. This happens no matter how much I clean it and it's not easily cleanable. -__- The inside of the watch fogs up real bad and will stay that way for hours, days even. The silicone gets pretty dirty with fibers. It glows in the dark, but it's very faint. Trash watch, waste of money. I bought a different swatch from the swatch website and it was ok. It lasted a two and a half years. Not long but I didn't have these issues. I'm so disappointed."

Seya says

"Very poor quality. I bought a Swatch of about 180 Euro. It stopped working after less than 2 years while I almost never wear it. It never got any shock or water on it. The glass scratches very easily. Swatch : NEVER AGAIN"

noe says

"I bought a phantom model swacht. But when the battery was charged I replaced it with a new one. but the clock no longer wanted to work. He stopped working and today they tell me that it has no repair. and the clock is sealed it cannot be opened"

PS says

"Swatch used to be famous for its good design & function. I’ve just bought the silver-in-blue watch which includes a date display. Someone chose a small light grey font on a white background which makes it near impossible to see."

Window Shopper says

"Swatch used to make quality watches in the past, but now they are just overpriced trash."

Deirdre Allen says

"Free battery replacement is great but...... I currently have 3 Swatch watches. Love the brand. Plastic ones and straps don't last forever, attachment breaks eventually (2 bat changes) but metal ones do last. So I need 3 batteries replaced. when I bought my last watch in the centre of Perth city at Myer/Swatch outlet I was told about free battery replacement. Now 2 years later no Swatch shop! There is an other dealer in the suburbs that wants 25$ per watch. Or Melbourne or Sydney, 4hr plane flights away, or post, currently extremely unreliable in Oz, and would cost as much as new batteries. Maybe a duty free place at the international airport/airside, probably not open, but if it was, can't get there anyway because of the customs controls!"

The Hollander says

"Buying anything online from their website is a mess. Either errors at checkout, or just the general layout of the website makes it so complicated."

Ant Mu says

"okay but bad quality already had 3 and equally disappointed :( my son liked his but it got damaged easily."

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